Eye Care Tips

Eyes are those organs of the body that are usually taken for granted. The problem with not taking care is that our eyes may end up contracting infections and developing disorders. Eyes play a major role in the five senses and most people live in fear of losing their vision. To keeping seeing the world around us, we need to consider the tips outlined in this article. Click here to get started.

Quit smoking.
It's easier to notice someone who smokes since their eyes are most likely to sagging. Smoking may form cataracts as well as causes macular degeneration. It is also likely to destroy your optic nerve. If you are smoking or thinking of starting to smoke, try stopping for the benefit of your eyes and general body health.

Eat right.
For your eyes to stay healthy you need to feed on foods with zinc, vitamin A, B, C from vegetables, fruits and nuts not forgetting foods with omega three fatty acids found in fish. Carrots are also known to better eyesight.
These foods will improve macular generation and work to eliminate cataracts.

Remove make up.
This applies to ladies and it's advisable that at the end of the day before retiring to bed, they remove their make up to avoid causing irritation when it gets into the eyes. The make-up may also cause the pores around the eyes to clog which given time will need a doctor's attention.

Glasses that protect the eyes from ultra violet rays are essential when talking walks in sunny times of the day. UV rays may cause eye blindness in the long run and shades should be worn even when in a shade. You should also avoid staring at the sun directly since sunlight is strong enough to destroy the retina. Visit  https://www.medicalartseye.com/ for more info.

Get enough sleep.
We all underestimate the power of good and enough sleep; it will not only freshen you up but also prevent eye fatigue. Eye fatigue and other conditions such as blurred vision and irritation are caused by little or no sleep.

Goggles at work.
If you work in a place where there are chemicals, and other substances that are harmful to the eyes, it's advisable to wear googles or protective eyewear because if the chemicals get in contact with the eyes, they may cause blindness.

Eye practitioner visits.
Find a reliable eyecare practitioner and visit him regularly for checkups and recommendations on how to keep your eyes safe and healthy.

Limit time on computers.
Continuous staring at computers will cause eyes to strain and in worst cases permanent eye damage. Depending on your kind of work you may need to keeps eyes at a good level with the computer and work in well-lit areas.